Fried Pickles

Crispy hand-dipped pickle chips with a side of ranch. $5.95

Mac N Cheese Muffins

Four cheesy, gooey, creamy, and oh so delicious house-made mac n cheese muffins. $5.95

Guacamole Live

Made fresh daily with whole avocados, tomatoes, jalapeno, cilantro, red onion, lime, and a pinch of salt. Served with warm tortilla chips $5.95

Burnt Ends Poutine

Crispy pork belly onto of steak fries, with mozzarella curd and then topped with hot brown gravy. $6.96




Opening Acts

Honey Sriracha Brussel Sprouts

Crispy, lightly fried Brussels sprouts tossed in smoked Mediterranean sea salt then mixed with a sweet sriracha glaze. $6.95


Cheesy Spinach Artichoke Dip

Served with hot tortilla chips and toasted baguette’s $10.95



Bar Sliders

Four mouth-watering Beef Patties on toasted Hawaiian rolls with cheddar cheese, bacon, and ranch. $10.95


Dixie Chicks

Four Nashville Hot buttermilk fried chicken tenders on sweet Hawaiian Rolls topped with pickles. $10.95


Ultimate Loaded Nachos 

Choose Smoked Pork Belly or Pulled Hickory Smoked Chicken with house-fried corn tortillas topped with cheese sauce, onion, cilantro, Monterrey Jack cheese, sour cream, pickled jalapeños, and salsa. $10.95


Bang Bang Shrimp

Breaded and perfectly fried shrimp tossed in a sweet & spicy sauce. $11.95


Korean Short Rib Eggrolls

Stuffed with sweet and savory chopped Bulgogi steak, carrots, onions, and cabbage wrapped tight in a crispy egg roll. Served with Bang Bang sauce. $10.95



Brauhaus Pretzel

Giant soft Pretzel served with hot beer cheese and Grey Poupon mustard. $10.95


The Main’s Sampler

You’ll get a taste of our famous onion rings, pub sliders, dixie chicks, and fried pickles. $16.95


Choice of Dressings :

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Blue Cheese
  • Ranch
  • Honey Dijon
  • Caesar

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Chopped lettuce, Fried Boneless Chicken tossed in wing sauce, chopped Celery, blue cheese crumbles, and diced tomatoes. Served with a Buffalo Ranch dressing. $8.95


Apple Walnut

Granny smith apples, strawberries, candied walnuts, blue cheese crumbles. * Add chicken or shrimp $2.99 / Add steak $3.99 $8.95


Thirty Seven’s Sirloin Salad

Grilled 7-pepper sirloin diced tomatoes and crumbled blue cheese | $10.95

House Salad

Chopped iceberg and Romain lettuce with tomatoes cheese and onions. $6.95

37M Favorites


BBQ Chicken Stack

Moist and juicy fire-grilled chicken breast tossed in our sweet hickory dry rub, then basted with bbq sauce. $12.95


Atlantic Blackened Salmon

6oz Fresh Atlantic salmon sauteed in lemon butter sauce. $14.95



Bourbon Glazed Bacon Shrimp

Sauteed shrimp tossed in a bourbon bbq glaze and wrapped in bacon. $14.95


Parmesan Crusted Chicken

It’s topped with a creamy parmesan and garlic cheese crust. $12.95


8oz Kansas City Sirloin

Fire-grilled Sirloin is perfectly seasoned with our house-made rub. $14.95


Fleetwood Mac N Cheese

100% all-natural grilled chicken breast sliced and served on jumbo elbow pasta tossed in a four-cheese sauce blend with diced red peppers. $11.95


Chili-Lime Crusted Steak Fajitas

Sliced sirloin cooked in a chili-lime sauce on a bed of peppers, onions, sliced avocados, with tortillas. Served on a sizzling iron skillet. $14.95

Chicken N Biscuits

Biscuit breaded chicken tenders placed on top of pepper gravy mashed potatoes then drizzled with honey. $10.95





Chicken & Shrimp

Hand-battered chicken strips, jumbo fried shrimp, steak fries, corn nuggets hush puppies, and mac & cheese muffins. $14.95

Love Me Tenders Basket

Three golden brown chicken strips served with fries, corn nugget hush puppies, and mac & cheese muffins. $11.95


Fried Shrimp Basket

Gulf Coast fried shrimp served with fries, corn nugget hush puppies, and mac & cheese muffins. $12.95


Sirloin & Shrimp

Center cut 8oz Sirloin and Shrimp (fried or grilled). Served with one side. $19.95

Steak & Salmon

Center cut 8oz sirloin and our 6oz blackened salmon. Served with one side. $24.95

Shrimp & Salmon

Jumbo shrimp fried or grilled and our 60z blackened salmon. Served with one side. $19.95

Steak & Tenders

Center cut 8oz sirloin and our buttermilk fried chicken tenders. Served with one side. $19.95

Steak & Chicken

Center cut 8oz sirloin and our 5oz bbq chicken stack. Served with one side. $19.95

Steak & Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Center cut 8oz sirloin and our delicious 5oz Parmesan Crusted Chicken w/ cream parmesan and garlic cheese. $19.95



  • Hot                                                     Sweet Chili
  • Mango Habanero                               Medium
  • Hot Lemon Pepper                            Cola BBQ
  • Buffalo Honey Mustard                      Pineapple Teriyaki
  • Honey Citrus                                      Cajun Butter Dry Run
  • Salt & Vinegar                                    Ranch Dry Rub
  • Lemon Pepper

Boneless Wings

Full Pound of juicy fried chicken bites tossed in your favorite wing sauce Served with French fries, or carrot and celery | $10.00


8pc Wing

Served with carrots and celery. $12.00

12pc Wing

Served carrots and celery. $14.00

18pc Wing

Served with carrot and celery. $22.00

24pc Wing

Served with carrots and celery. $26.00

36pc Wing

Served with carrots and celery. $38.00

50pc Wing

Served with carrots and celery. $50.00

Winga Palooza

37 Jumbo Wings, huge family-style Onion Rings, or French Fries platter. Plus four fried Oreos. $37.99

Great Balls Of Fire

Buffalo Blazing sampler of (5) Crispy Buffalo Shrimp,(5) Jumbo Buffalo tossed Wings, and (5) Butter Milk Fried Buffalo chicken Strips. $14.95



California Chicken Club

Fire-grilled chicken breast with guacamole, smokey provolone, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. $10.95


Nashville Hot Chicken

Buttermilk fried chicken tossed in our spicy house seasons served on a toasted bun and finished with pickles. $9.95



Buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, smokey provolone, pickles, and mayo. $9.95



A riff on a classic Philly Cheesesteak made with beef marinated in Korean seasonings with caramelized onions and melted smokey provolone cheese on a toasted baguette $10.95

Shrimp Po Boy

Crispy shrimp piled on a toasted baguette with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. Served with a creole mayo  $9.95




*John Wayne Burger

Two all-beef patties, onion ring, bacon, cheddar cheese, and bbq sauce. $10.95


*Cheeseburger in Paradise

Two all-beef patties with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, and pickles. $10.95


*Avocado Bacon Burger

Two all-beef patties, Bacon, smashed avocado, smokey provolone cheese, fried pickles, lettuce, tomato, and a  chili-lime sauce. $10.95


* BBQ Bacon Brisket Burger 

1/2 pound USDA Choice grade brisket with a bit of sirloin to make it leaner and seasoned with coarse ground black pepper and naturally hickory-smoked sea salt to give this burger a unique, complex flavor with smoked cheddar, bbq sauce, onion peddles, and candied bacon. $11.95



*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Bang Bang Taco +

Two Crispy shrimp or Chicken tossed in our signature bang bang sauce, cabbage, and smokey provolone cheese. Served with chips and salsa. $9.95

Carne Asada Taco

Two Fire-grilled steak, cilantro, guacamole, and onions. $10.95



Two flour tortillas filled with smoked and chargrilled pork belly, topped with spicy cabbage and diced carrots and BBQ mayo. $9.95

Smokey Chicken and Avocado

Pulled hickory-smoked chicken seasoned with savory spices topped with avocado mash, onions, cilantro, and BBQ mayo.  $9.95

Buffalo Chicken Tacos(coming soon)

Boneless crispy buffalo chicken bites with a buffalo ranch creamy coleslaw and topped with blue cheese crumbles and chopped celery. $9.95

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Tacos (coming soon)

Grilled chicken topped with a pineapple slaw, then hot with a spicy bbq aioli, and finished with grilled pineapples  $9.95


Fried Avocado Tacos (coming soon)

Crispy slices of fried avocados and taco seasoned slaw then topped with roasted corn coated in a sauce made with sour cream, chili powder, and a dash of lime. $9.95

Blacken Salmon Tacos (coming soon

Crispy blacken Salman bites topped with chopped green apples, onions, pineapple cilantro, jalapeno, and lime juice. $10.95

Koran Beef Tacos (coming soon)

Bulgogi Korean beef, caramelized kimchi + Sriracha Mayo. All in an egg roll taco shell. $9.95

Southern Fried Tacos  (coming soon)

Popcorn fried chicken topped with white Alabama BBQ sauce and homemade chow-chow relish. $9.95



Steak Fries


Onion Rings


Mac N Cheese


Roasted Carrots


Roasted Broccoli-Cauliflower Blend


Breaded Okra


Corn Nugget Hushpuppies




Fried Pickles


Mashed Potatoes


Breaded Okra


House Side Salad


Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Loaded with cheese, bacon, and green chives.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts N Honey Bacon


Apple Walnut Side Salad





Sugar Don’t Bite 

Deep-Fried Oreos Coated in Batter and Fried Golden. Half a Dozen in Every Order. $5.95

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites

Served with cream cheese dipping sauce. $5.95




Coke Float

An old fashion treat of vanilla ice cream, coca-cola, and whipped cream with a cherry on top. $4.95

Beer List


A Night On Ponce IPA

Angry Orchard Cider

Bud Light

Coors Light


Corona Light

Creature Comforts Tropicalia IPA

Dos XX Lager


Michelob Ultra

Miller lite

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Scofflaw Basement IPA

Stella Artois

Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA

Three Taverns Rapturous Sour

White Claw Mango Seltzer

Yuengling Lager



Blue Moon

Creature Comforts Tropicalia

Michelob Ultra

Space Dust IPA

Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale



Wine List


Kendall Jackson Chardonnay | $11 Glass | $18 Half Bottle

Josh Cellars Chardonnay | $10 Glass | $16 Half Bottle

Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio | $12 Glass | $21 Half Bottle

King Estate Pinot Grigio | $12 Glass | $20 Half Bottle

Lila Rose | $10 Glass

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc | $12 Glass | $21 Half Bottle

La Marca Prosecco | $10 Glass | $16 Half Bottle


Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon | $11 Glass | $18 Half Bottle

Meiomi Pinot Noir | $12 Glass | $20 Half Bottle

Francis Ford Coppola | $11 Glass | $18 Half Bottle

Clos Du Bois Merlot | $12 Glass | $21 Half Bottle

Alexander Valley Merlot | $12 Glass | $20 Half Bottle


Shooters & Ritas